Earn money online by uploading photos.

by Garish wasil on March 23, 2011

Earning money online is quite a fun. You can Earn Money Online for nearly anything that you do most of the time on the internet. I have discussed many easy ways to Earn money Online on this blog & now I am here with one more cool way to earn money online. It is by uploading photos to the web. Yes you are paid just for uploading photos & pics.

Earn Money Online by uploading photos 300x190 Earn money online by uploading photos.

How to Earn Money Online Uploading Photos :

Shareapic is a free image sharing site that allows its users to upload and host their images on their servers & also share them easily with others. But the most fun part with shareapic is that it shares revenue with its users for sharing the images with others.

It is quite to make money from ShareApic. You earn money for every image view that your image gets. The set rate is $0.22 per 1000 pic views. This means, that if you uploaded a photo of anything (your pet, car etc), & it gets thousand views, you will get $0.22 . Though this might appear less, but if you have lots of images hosted there & they get a lot of views, then you might earn good. They pay each month through paypal when your earnings reach $20.

They have also added a new feature recently, thats you are now able to add your bidvertiser ad network code to your images, so you can earn more from bidvertiser as well.

You can signup for this cool service here.

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Hope you liked this post. Do post your experience with ShareApic in the comments section below.

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