I’m Garish Wasil, a 19 year old dude from India. I am currently an Engineering Student and also a Professional Online Marketer and a Bloggger, making a Full Time Income on the Internet.

I run Vast9.  I started this blog back in 2008 (then it was on blogger platform with a co.cc domain and I shifted to wordpress and vast9.com later ) with the thought of providing people with a place where they will get stuff related to Blogging, Online Marketing and Making Money Online, all in one place and I named that place as Vast9 (the name just popped out from my weird imagination) .

And here’s the Vast9 boy :

vast9 f About

He came from World 9 and enrich me with all the quality info, tutorials and all that I pass to you (My Readers) through my posts. So, now you know from where all this ideas come to me (wink, wink)

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