Mozilla Firefox tabbed browsing made perfect.

by Garish wasil on July 23, 2010

   Our all time favourite Mozilla Firefox has prfected Tabbed Browsing Experience with its new feature Tab Candy that comes now with Firefox 4 (beta). With that we can browse even more sites at a time & thats even more comfortably.

With Tab Candy, we can zoom out and get a bird’s-eye-view of all our tabs that are open and we can also arrange open tabs in certain spaces so they’re clumped together. This allows us to more easily find what we are looking for with so many tabs open. We can organize tabs into groups & we can later select a group and see only those tabs that we put in there. The other tabs we have open (in another group) are still open, we just won’t see them when we are focused on one particular group. And we can change the sizes of these groups in the bird’s-eye-view mode to highlight certain ones.

You can get that feature now; But as it is in early beta, you may face some bugs & problems with it.

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Manotas Sihombing November 23, 2010 at 9:35 am

nice articles and give many benefits


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