Improving Your Click Through Rate – SEO’s Infamous After Thought

by stuart on November 4, 2011

This is a Guest Post By Stuart Edge.

The one thing that most first time SEO’s don’t realise is that search engine optimisation is a marathon and not a sprint. Unfortunately it is a marathon with no clear end in sight – that is to say that there will probably never be a time when you can consider your SEO efforts finished. Getting onto page 1 of the SERP’s is respectable enough but the real challenge of SEO is being able to stay there. Your content, web structure and all of your links will need to be re-managed and revisited time and time again. Sound tough? We haven’t even considered conversion yet.

Improving Click Through Ratio Improving Your Click Through Rate – SEO’s Infamous After Thought

If your website is on page 1 of the SERP’s and you have a consistent marketing strategy in place to maintain your position then you still have one very important thing to consider – your click through rate. How many of the people that see your link in the SERP’s actually choose to click on it? Failing to consider this percentage is to put all of your extensive SEO efforts to waste. Below are 4 things that are essential if you want to increase your CTR:

Adapt to your audience

Look at the words below your link in the SERP’s – are they the best that they can be? If you were searching for a service or product likes yours would the description of your website fit the bill? You might want to get a friend or colleagues opinion on this as webmasters do tend to become quite biased towards the strength of their own content. By asking these types of questions you’ll increase your empathy for your consumers – a trait that is vital in all types of business.

Make use of advertising spiel

Following on from the point above your words also need to stand out against the 9 other sites you’re competing with. Enticing phrases like ‘limited offer’, ‘free trial’ and ‘times running out’ can all grab a searchers attention and increase your CTR percentage. These types of phrases may be considered cliché but that’s only because they work. Why shy away from a winning formula?

Increase your trust factor

Tests have shown that Google’s new +1 feature is having a significant impact on the websites searchers are choosing to click on. Those that have been +1’ed by a person’s friend or colleague make that person 24% more likely to click on the link. To take advantage of these statistics you need to get socially active. Talk to your consumers in a friendly and personal way about how you can improve your service and more often than not you’ll end up with a nice +1 on your site.

Keep on top of your statistics

Last but not least you need to be evaluating your CTR rates on a daily basis. You can do this by using Google Analytics- the software will be able to give you a detailed report on how your site link is performing in the SERP’s. This will allow you to try out different keywords and phrases within your SERP content and see what effect it has on your CTR rate. (If you are getting a percentage rate of anything less than 2 percent I would recommend you seek the help of an SEO specialist.)

The online marketing process goes a little something like this…

  • Performing extensive SEO to attain a position on page 1 of the SERP’s
  • Maintaining this position by executing a carefully planned SEO strategy
  • Improving the links click through rate
  • Improving the websites conversion rate

It is the third one that most webmasters tend to neglect and hopefully this post has changed that for you at least. Your click through rate is intertwined with taking advantage of your SEO success whilst it is also the key to maximising your chances of conversion. You should see it as a marketing bridge – a structure that has the strength to keep all of your business dreams on track.

So these were the various ways by which you can improve the click through rates of your Site or Blog in Search Engine Result Pages. 

Did you find this Post Beneficial ? Do you see any increase in your CTR rates after implementing these tips ? Do share in Comments.  

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