Why you should not buy an Apple Ipad !

by Garish wasil on April 13, 2010

 Why you should not buy an Apple Ipad !Apple Ipad came, it saw & it conquered. Ipad sold like hot cakes. Millions of people just
spent dollars on it without knowing its drawbacks. They just followed others.
But yot should be careful while doing so as your money is valuable & you must spend it smartly.

Below are the disadvantages of buying an Apple Ipad
as listed by CNET news :

1. Apple Ipad do not support multi tasking, i.e for example you cannot listen to songs while playing games. That is really embarassing with an Ipad.

2. Its battery is not replacable, i.e you cannot take a seperate charged battery on a long journey.

 Why you should not buy an Apple Ipad !3. Apple Ipad has no camera. That sucks. It means you can not shoot videos or take pics instantly like as in an Apple Iphone.

4. Only apps provided by Itunes can be loaded on an Apple Ipad, i.e you cannot use a 3rd party software or game on your Ipad.

5. Apple Ipad do not supports macromedia flash player. As many of the websites & apps require flash player, so you are probably getting into an error each time you use web.

These were the most hated drawbacks of an Apple Ipad. So you must now consider these points while buying an Ipad & do not just follow your friend.

Be smarter.

Hope you are beneffited from this post.

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