Sprint HTC EVO 4G Review

by Garish wasil on June 4, 2010

 Sprint HTC EVO 4G Review The wait for the world’s first ever 4G phone is over. Sprint’s first WiMax/4G – HTC EVO 4G is available from today onwards for $199.99 . Though the giant 4G beast doesn’t do that well in 4G towers but it works much more smoothely & speedily under 3G range. Moreover 4G towers are rare to found these days ( though they will spread worldwide sooner or later ). Here is a complete review of the most awaited Sprint HTC EVO 4G :

  1. Good Points :
  • The HTC Evo has 4.3-inch (480×800 TFT LCD) capacitive touch screen.
  • It has a back camera of 8MP ( 3MP more than HTC Touch ).
  • It also has a front-facing camera 1.3MP camera capable of HD video recording.
  • It works on 1GHz Snapdragon processor ( same as that of HTC Touch HD2 ).
  • HTC EVO 4G also has 1GB built-in storage and 512MB RAM.
  • Works on Android 2.1, It will be the 1st US phone to support latest Android.
  • It got an HDMI Output & 3D Gaming Capabilities.
     Sprint HTC EVO 4G Review

  • The HTC Evo will work as a hotspot for up to eight devices. ( unbeleivable )
  • It can stream 720p HD videos & also have flash player support ( advantage over iPhone )
  • EVO 4G allow for simultaneous voice & data.

2.  Bad Points :

  • Sprint’s 4G network is limited at this time
  • Users outside 4G coverage area have to pay mandatory $10 for data plans.
  • HTC EVO 4G lacks support for Bluetooth voice-activated dialing.
  • Battery soon drains off if phone used under 4G.

So this was all you need to know about HTC EVO 4G. The fast download speeds on WiMax aren’t currently widely available ( 34 million till now ), but Sprint plans to cover 120 million people by the end of the year.

Hope you liked the review.

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