Finally Apple iPhone 4 antenna issue solved

by Garish wasil on July 16, 2010

On friday, Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs took the stage at Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino & admitted that there was a really a problem with iPhone 4. There was an attenuation problem which was much pronounced by Apple users Apple iPhone 4 casearound the world. Several users reported that they are having poor reception issues with their new device when holding the phone by its metal sides in two opposite places.
Apple’s head Steve Jobs announced that all iPhone 4 users would be receiving a free case in order to solve reception issues caused by the phone’s exterior-antenna design (However Jobs was looking really annoyed at the conference). The cases have been shown to greatly reduce the signal-degradation problem. The bumper is essentially a rubber and plastic case with no back & surrounding only the edges of the phone.
Jobs said – Those who have already purchased the bumper will be able to get a refund, and those who haven’t will be able to get either the bumper or another special case designed to solve the problems.
Prior to friday, the Apple iPhone 4 case cost $29 at the Apple Store & now Apple is giving it for free, so there is a huge loss to Apple ($180 million according to CNET, if we assume Apple sells 36 million cases by next summer & each case cost Apple around $3 to $5). But it was a step Apple must have to take to prevent ruining of company & Users pleasure.
Apple earlier solution to iPhone 4 Antenna problem was to hold the iPhone the other way.

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